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That's right folks. This page is receiving its first update in over *9 years!!* We are proud to finally be able to bring you, for the very first time, full-length Pickled Pollies songs in mp3 format! First, to whet your appetite, here are the original sound files found on this page. They are laughably small, it's true, but remember that they were conceived for a different age when even a single picture made any web page sluggish and a busy signal could keep you off the internet for hours.

After the Beep (213K)

Lady (366K)

More to come!

We said that 10 years ago. Finally, we deliver!

Tyler and Andy got together and digitized two tapes worth of Pickled Pollies music, originally recorded over three broad sessions back in our high school heyday. We even made up album names for the various sessions! The transfer isn't perfect - most of the tracks have some background hissing that we tried to eliminate.  Several others, mostly from the four track sessions, had such an overabundance of treble that nothing we did seemed to eliminate it. So, we apologize for any substandard audio quality. But the music itself is all there! We hope you enjoy! As always, if you're going to listen multiple times, simply "save as" before you listen to keep the bandwidth down.

From The Coutsouridis Sessions, recorded in our high school band director's backyard studio in 1997:

After the Beep




Alternate ending for Heel

Runaway Sparrow


Going further back, from Four Tracks of Basement Bliss. These we recorded on a four track tape recorder that Jim procured somehow. If memory serves, we recorded these in 1996. Piano versions played by Andy may have been recorded by other means, but they are at least from about the same time period.

After the Beep (piano version)



No Clue (piano version)


Traveling further down memory lane, we arrive at a session we did as sophomores, in early 1995. Since we were performing live on our high school's stage, we've chosen to call this album High School Musical. A lot of this is indeed quite sophomoric, to put it kindly.  Andy thinks "No Clue" and "Stonecast Shame" are particular gems on here, and the rest are worth a listen as well, especially if you're interested in just how we developed.


After the Beep

All I Want Is for You to Be Happy

Basil by Tyler (we couldn't remember its original name!)

No Clue

Runaway Sparrow


Stonecast Shame

Enjoy! And send feedback! You can reach Andy now by e-mailing andypease at alum.dartmouth.org

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