Wind Band Literature: A Conductor's PerspectiveA collection of articles and resources about wind band repertoire designed to be shared with students and colleagues to enhance understanding of the music we love to play.  Featuring information, recordings, and resources for over 400 pieces.

The Wind Band Symphony ArchiveA comprehensive, searchable record of every known symphony written for wind band.  Constantly updated as new information comes in and new pieces are written.

Futures in BandTestimonials about the power of music making from adult amateur musicians of all ages and backgrounds.



Venues include the Midwest Clinic, WASBE, IGEB, NYSSMA, NYSBDA, and more

“Cultivating Inclusive Ensembles through Improvisation.” With the Hartwick College Brass Ensemble.

“Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Action.” With Meghan Sheehy.

NYSBDA “Interview with a Legend.” Past interviewees include Frank Ticheli, Jack Stamp, Gary Green, and Anthony McGill

“Futures in Band - Why Adult Amateur Musicians Continue to Play Their Instruments." with John Hart.

"The Magic of Singing with Your Band" at 2019 Midwest Clinic.

“How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Join the Hartwick Wind Ensemble!”

Multiple Band Reading Sessions

“Internet Repertoire Resources for the 21st Century Global Wind Band Conductor.”

“Everything Band: Episode 24 - Conductor Andrew Pease.”

Lecture Recital: Shades of Black (Arizona State University, December 2014).



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